Four Colour: An Arkansas Based Indie Comic Dream~Come~True

So often, the major comic publishers suck all of the oxygen out of the room when it comes to the comics industry. The big 3 take up much of the spotlight, however, there is a whole world of independent comics out here in internet land waiting to be tapped into. The web has made it easier for some incredible creators to self-publish amazing stories and articles, a lot of times for free, with a quality that often surpasses what you might find on the shelves of your local comic shop. The folks at are a fine example of this, and deserFC1ve your attention. Four Colour Media is an online, Arkansas based entertainment hub of all ages web-comics, informative op-eds, podcasts, and more. Every week, the guys deliver “Entertainment at its Funniest,” which they demand you know is a trademarked phrase. These are just a couple of people who were driven to create fun stories and drive others to do the same. The goal of the Four Colour crew seems to be to give readers old school, positive fun in a world where negativity seems pervasive in every corner of fandom. The cool thing: They’re succeeding in their goal.

So far, they’ve delivered intellectual and well researched articles on topics ranging from highlighting the origin of the “origin story,” to the way comic book medium went from throw away pamphlets to a the collectable and stable corporate entity that we see in the Comic Industry today. On their sight, you can also find the hBnWilarious, all ages appropriate  Adventures of Bryce ‘N Wesley, the Calvin and Hobes-esque tales of an 8 year old explorer and his Warbot companion. Every Wednesday, new pages of this story are uploaded and their shenanigan filled saga continues to unfold. Creator Dalton Shannon brings the fun of our favorite childhood adventures with the attitude of books like Lumberjanes to a story that is sure to excite anyone willing to have a little fun.

Do yourself a favor and head on over to their Facebook page or website and give them a few minutes of your time. Its a great way to spend some free time where you can appreciate the indie flare of pure, unbridled love for the comics medium, the artistic beauty of story telling, and a hope to create a network of creative, street level, self-producing friends in a rural, mid-American state. Visit their website at, or like them on Facebook at Beyond that, support Indie creators everywhere. Go to cons and meet the people at the smaller tables, by a book from people who have put everything into their art. Like and share their pages, fund their Kickstarters, and help spread their amazing creations around.


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