Indie Spotlight: Squarriors Summer

The world of Squarriors is set in a post-nuclear world where humans have bsqu3een eradicated from the face of the earth and replaced sentient animals with medieval mentalities. Reminiscent of the Redwall novels by Brian Jacques, warring tribes of North American forest animals clash over territory and philosophy. Each tribe is a multi-ethic medley of Squirrels, chipmonks, rabbits, raccoons, badgers, mice, fox, and formally domesticated house pets armed with blades and bows. “Summer” is actually the second volume of the series by creators Ash Maczko and Ashley Witter, published by Devil’s Due 1First Comics.

Maczko bounces his script between pre- and post- nuclear fallout, engaging the audience with cliffhanging glimpses of the lead up to the fall of mankind at the end of the ’80s before launching into a plot in which the Maw tribe has joined forces with the Amoni tribe to siege and destroy the Tin Kin’s once and for all.  Tsqu1hissqu4 story has all of the heart pounding adventure you want out of a sword and shield adventure paired with all of the harsh realities of the natural order of the world. Filled with plot driving elements of murder, subterfuge, and family dynamics, Squarriors is a fast paced epic that gives readers the political elements of Game of Thrones and the violent, tribal tendencies of The Walking Dead. The art is impeccable inspired, and gorgeously rendered digital paintings. The art team makes the cast of animals recognizable and expressive, and surrounds them with beautifully detailed nature-scapes and environments, well crafted costumes alluding to the characters personas, and graphic depictions of brutality of combat.

Squarriors is one of the most well crafted and entertaining books being published in all of comics today. Despite it’s humble publication, the cohesive product can hold its own with contemporary stories from any of the big three. It does not, however, come out on a regular, set schedule, so readers who cant hold their interest between gaps may want to wait on the trade. to come out. squ2


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